Next meeting

For the time being these are unable to be held in a public place with residents and/or the Parish Council in the same venue.  Virtual meetings can take place - residents can attend.  Please check the website only at the moment and not the notice boards - one is broken and the other by the school is not able to be accessed to display accurate Parish Council business.  For updates on future meetings etc, please refer to the website, meetings are subject to change.

The local store in the parish - Hemmings Stores has offered those self isolating a home delivery for groceries etc.  The contact number is 01268 521984.

If residents require any other support on the ongoing situation, please contact either the Clerk on either or  07469702826 or Essex County Councillors Tony Ball and Malcolm Buckley on either or or Borough Ward Councillors Cllr. Terri Sargent on or
Cllr. Stuart Allen on